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Why should AMOSYS users trust the TEACS’ specialists?

In the interview with the creators of AMOSYS you will learn more about why should AMOSYS users trust the TEACS’ specialists:

Why should AMOSYS users trust the TEACS’ specialists?

Galin Berbenkov: We have a dentist, a person with a lot of experience in managing process optimization and a person who is currently dedicated to database processing. In the end, when we reach the completeness of the software, it will become an ERP system and will be a unique tool for its users who will be able to work with a large database, analytical tools to help them understand how their business develops and in what direction they could choose to continue to develop it.

Rosen Cholakov: There are people in the team who daily practice in this field and daily face the need for an application like AMOSYS. But the team stays behind the scenes. Anyone can use the software with a trial period to see the benefits for themselves, whether they are a dentist or a dental technician. In this way, trust will be built on a solid foundation, not on words.

Dr. Damyan Enchev: Each of us is good at what he does professionally and together we are an expectedly good combination.

You can read the whole interview with the creators of AMOSYS by clicking on the photo: