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When do dental technicians celebrate their professional holiday?

Profession “dental technician”:

Some call dental technicians “the right hand of dentists”, some – “creators and doctors”, but in our opinion, the profession “Dental Technician” combines all these qualities. Without the work of dental technicians, many smiles would not become so bright and happy. A healthy smile is important both for the overall physical health of the human body and for a person’s self-esteem. The work of dental technicians is extremely important, but, unfortunately, many people confuse the professions of the “dental technician” and the “dentist.” The professions are indeed related, but while the first creates the elements of the smile, the second applies them. When do dental technicians celebrate their professional holiday?

It is because of this confusion of professions that the professional holiday of dental technicians is also often confused with that of dentists on the 9th of February worldwide and on the 11th of April in Bulgaria. It should be noted that dental technicians have their own professional holiday, which, however, is still gaining popularity.

Dental technicians and dentists have different professional holidays
Holiday of dental technicians in Bulgaria:

According to various Bulgarian sources, dental technicians in Bulgaria celebrate their professional holiday on July 25. As with the professional holiday of dentists, however, as well as with that of dental technicians, there is a discrepancy in the dates of the Bulgarian holiday and the date celebrated on a global scale.

The holiday worldwide:

According to the FEPPD (European Federation of Dental Laboratories and Independent Dental Technicians), since 2018, the date for celebrating Dental Technicians’ Day is the first Friday of June. Jana Shikora in her publication at zwp-online.info mentions, for example, that  the guild of dental technicians in Germany (ZTGM) has collected signatures in an online petition on change.org for the creation of a patron of dental technicians. The idea of ​​creating an official holiday arises not only because dental technicians want to be professionally respected and recognized, but also for the date to become a byword for gathering colleagues from the guild, organizing various seminars and discussing issues concerning colleagues from different places.

A relatively new holiday

Thus, with joint efforts, the professional holiday of dental technicians is created, with the idea of ​​it being a valid date for most countries, especially those in the European Union. There is little information about whether July 25 or the first Friday of June each year are preferred days to commemorate in Bulgaria and in some other countries. Our team would love if you could share with us in the comments and next week’s upcoming webinars a little more about when and how you celebrate, dear dental technicians!

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