Free Webinar for Dentists

All dental orders are one click away online. Amosys – software for dental laboratories and dental practices


For dentists

The software has a module for dentists and dental technicians and aims to:

  • reducing the risk of communication errors between dentists and dental technicians
  • effective organization and management of dental laboratories


AMOSYS will enable you to quickly and easily create, send and track orders completely online to your dental technicians and communicate in real time with them by writing comments to each order.

The webinar is suitable for: dentists from small, medium and large dental practices.

What are the benefits of working with the software:

  • Reducing the risk of errors in the transmission of information
  • Submit dental orders entirely online
  • Upload photos, STL files, and videos to each order
  • All orders are visible in one place
  • Information about the ordered and completed orders for each patient

What you will learn:

  • How does a dentist send an online order to a dental laboratory in less than a minute?
  • How do you use filters to track orders from a dental practice per month, per patient, at the lab level?
  • How are reports made: how many orders and at what value are sent to labs, etc.?

Meet the presenters:

Simona Stoyanova

Simona Stoyanova is a Business Development Assistant at TEAKS Ltd. She graduated from “Angel Kynchev” University of Russe. Simona has extensive experience in presenting AMOSYS software at exhibitions, forums, and webinars.

What our customers say about working with AMOSYS?

We use case entry from Passive Clients. Creating an order is fast and intuitive. Tracking the execution of orders is easy and on time. The history of each order from its execution to its completion and payment.

Ivelina Angelova

We have been using the software for more than a year. Using the software is easy and convenient. Saves time. Distribution of cases by dental technicians and traceability of orders is very easy. Order statuses provide information at all times on what is being done, what has been completed and what has been received for work. We recommend AMOSYS for dental laboratories.

Ivaylo Dochev

Dental Design Laboratory

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