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The new task management module in AMOSYS.
Functionalities and advantages for dental labs.

AMOSYS – Software for managing dental orders

Tuesday, July 26 – 12:00 pm


Task management module – the webinar is suitable for:

Dental technicians from small, medium and large dental laboratories.

Learn quickly and easily about the new AMOSYS software module! In the first place, the new module is created specifically for dental labs and aims to help organize their workflow. Moreover, with the calendar and order management board you can plan and schedule the production of a dental product. Also, you can track production progression, which, in result, will improve the workflow in your lab! 

To learn how to work with a new software can be time consuming and difficult to fit into your daily schedule. That´s why we are here for you on our short webinar.  We want to present you quickly the new module: “Task Management Module”. By the same token, we will also take a look at the main functionalities of the software for dental order management AMOSYS.

  • How to create your own production template for a product?
  • Interactive calendar: How can you view and manage orders with the help of the newest calendar?
  • How to plan and assign orders, as well as tasks for the products to dental technicians in the lab?
  • What are the steps of reassigning a product?
  • How is the schedule of employees planned?
  • And many others ..

In order to learn all the answers, join our free webinar for dental technicians!

Meet the presenters:

Simona Stoyanova

Simona Stoyanova is a Business Development Assistant at TEACS Ltd. She graduated from “Angel Kynchev” University of Russe. Simona has extensive experience in presenting AMOSYS software at exhibitions, forums, and webinars.

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