Free Webinar for Dental technicians

AMOSYS: Optimize Your Workflow. Easy Start with 100 Free Orders

The software includes a module for dentists and dental technicians with the following objectives:
– Reducing the risk of communication errors between dentists and dental technicians
– Efficient organization and management of dental laboratories

Webinar – 21.05.2024 – 12:00 p.m. GMT +1

During the webinar for dental technicians, we will explore some of the advantages that AMOSYS offers

AMOSYS – software from the new era for managing dental laboratories. Currently, receiving dental orders is often done through paper notes, phone calls, emails with attachments, and spreadsheets. You know that this way of tracking orders and deadlines often leads to a waste of time and errors in the process. Sometimes confusion and chaos arise?

We created AMOSYS to provide you with a full set of tools for successful management of the dental laboratory. AMOSYS ensures a smooth and easy start without the stress of changing your workflow. With AMOSYS, you enter a new era of management with best practices and an effective approach. Our software will help you overcome the challenges of traditional methods and manage your dental laboratory with ease. To emphasize our commitment to dental technicians, dental laboratories receive 100 free orders every month. This means that if the dental laboratory does not exceed 100 orders per month, the technicians will use the AMOSYS software completely free of charge.

Benefits of using the software:

  • Integrated approach: Our platform brings together all aspects of management, from receiving the order to sending and invoicing it, in one place.
  • Interactive calendar: All orders for the week and month are visible in an interactive calendar, giving you a clear overview of your work.
  • Invoicing. One invoice for many orders: With AMOSYS, dental laboratories can easily create and send one invoice for multiple orders, which improves the efficiency of financial processes.
  • Reduced risk of errors: Increase the accuracy of your business management and reduce the risk of errors in information transmission.

What you will learn:

  • Which features show you which dental technician is working on what product and with what deadlines?
  • How, with the help of an interactive calendar, you have a clear overview of the dental orders and work in the laboratory?
  • How to create and send an invoice?

Join our webinar, and you will discover the key to successful management of a dental laboratory without stress. Organize now with 100 FREE orders every month!

Meet the presenters:

Simona Stoyanova

Simona Stoyanova is a Business Development Assistant at TEACS Ltd. She graduated from “Angel Kynchev” University of Russe. Simona has extensive experience in presenting AMOSYS software at exhibitions, forums, and webinars.

What our customers say about working with AMOSYS?

We use case entry from Passive Clients. Creating an order is fast and intuitive. Tracking the execution of orders is easy and on time. The history of each order from its execution to its completion and payment.

Ivelina Angelova

We have been using the software for more than a year. Using the software is easy and convenient. Saves time. Distribution of cases by dental technicians and traceability of orders is very easy. Order statuses provide information at all times on what is being done, what has been completed and what has been received for work. We recommend AMOSYS for dental laboratories.

Ivaylo Dochev

Dental Design Laboratory

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