Video Guide for Exhibitors and Visitors at Dental Exhibitions Now Available on YouTube!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our video guide on preparation, participation, and follow-up actions at dental exhibitions.

You can watch the video here:

Teeks shares experiences from participating in several major dental exhibitions and forums, including IDS in Cologne, Germany, IDEX in Istanbul, Turkey, the BAZ forum in Pamporovo, and NFDI “Madarski Konnik” in Shumen. At these exhibitions, we showcased our dental laboratory management software AMOSYS.

In the context of our article on successful participation in dental exhibitions, we cannot overlook the importance of innovative technologies in the dental sector. One such example of a progressive solution is the AMOSYS software, developed specifically for dental laboratories and dental practices.

AMOSYS is an innovative platform that aims to facilitate and optimize workflows in dental laboratories. With this software, dental technicians and dentists can significantly improve order management, digitize their workflows, and enhance the efficiency of their business. AMOSYS is the tool that gives you control and transparency at every step of the work process, while simultaneously supporting the development of your business in the dental world.

Why should you watch this video?

Regardless of whether you own a dental laboratory or dental practice, or plan to be an exhibitor or visitor, this video offers valuable advice for your presence at the exhibition. The video is aimed at both new and experienced participants in exhibitions, offering valuable advice and strategies to make the most of every opportunity for participation. We focus our attention on the critical aspects of preparation, choosing the right exhibition to setting measurable goals, ensuring you are well-prepared to take full advantage of every opportunity. The video explores opportunities as both an exhibitor and a visitor, offering specialized advice for each.

Preparation for the Exhibition as an Exhibitor

Choosing the right exhibition is the first step. We offer strategies for selecting exhibitions that match your business goals, target audience, and geographical location. We emphasize the importance of setting specific goals for participation, such as establishing new contacts, presenting products and services, and understanding current trends in the industry.

Design and Logistics of the Booth

The video also covers advice for creating an attractive and functional booth that attracts visitors and reflects your brand’s vision. We discuss how effective planning of product placement, demonstrations, and promotional materials can improve your presence at the exhibition.

Engagement and Interaction

Besides logistical preparation, the video examines strategies for actively engaging with booth visitors, collecting contact information, and establishing productive business connections.

After the Exhibition

Follow-up actions are just as important as preparation and participation. We share methods for effectively communicating with collected contacts, analyzing the success of the participation, and strategies for gathering feedback for future improvements. The opportunities exhibitions offer are not limited to exhibitors. Visitors can also gain significant benefits from their participation, provided they are well-prepared and active throughout.

Preparation for the Exhibition as a Visitor

Researching Exhibitors: The video provides guidance on how to identify and plan meetings with exhibitors who are important to your practice or business.

Effective communication with exhibitors

Learn strategies for effectively communicating with exhibitors and how to maximize the information gathered. Attending Seminars and Workshops: Find out how to select and participate in educational sessions that are most beneficial to you.

After the Exhibition

Follow-up: Tips for reviewing collected information and best practices for connecting with new professional contacts. Reflecting on Useful Information: How to analyze and apply what you’ve learned. Planning for Future Exhibitions: Guidelines for identifying opportunities for improvements and strategies for future exhibition participation.


For exhibitors, we highlight the importance of prior preparation, effective on-site communication, and follow-up actions that help build lasting relationships with clients and partners. For visitors, we focus on strategic planning and participation in seminars and networking events, which can significantly enrich their professional development and business strategies.

Watch the video here: and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (link to the YouTube channel) to not miss future videos. Your feedback is valuable to us.