Best time to go to the dentist is when you are not in pain

Dentists around the world are faced with a variety of cases every day. Some of them are “easier” and “more common”, such as cleaning calculus, placing a filling. Others are “harder” and require more experience and time on the part of dentists, such as placing implants, building bone.

However, it turns out that there are dental cases that prove to be a real challenge. They amaze dentists with great experience all over the world.

The TOP 5 strange dental cases in the world?

  • Gum Garden

A dentist said he found a tomato seed lodged in a patient’s gum during a root canal cleaning. On closer inspection, the seed looked like a sprouting tomato plant!

  • Superglue Solution

In this weird case after breaking her teeth, a British woman decided to avoid a visit to the dentist by bonding her teeth herself. It turned out that she had been bonding her teeth for 10 years. After so long, the chemicals in the super glue had destroyed the overall condition of the teeth and had to be replaced with implants. The conclusion is that dental phobia must be controlled and patients should overcome it so that they can enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth!

  • The Boy With 232 Teeth

In dentistry, there is a case in which a 17-year-old boy Ashik Gavai from India has 232 teeth due to a condition called “composite odontoma”. This is a set of benign tumors that can grow teeth. The dentists were able to successfully remove the extra teeth and the patient made a full recovery.
Ashik Gawai came to the office with swelling of the right jaw. The teenager had been complaining of discomfort for the past 18 months.
Doctors have described his condition as “very rare” and a “world record”.

“Little White Pearls”

Ashik’s disorder has been described as a very complex composite odontoma in which a single gum forms many teeth. It was a type of benign tumor. The dentists were unable to cut it and had to use a chisel and hammer to take it out.
After they opened the benign tumor, many small teeth came out that looked like small white pearls. They counted 232 teeth.
According to the medical literature available for this condition, it is clear that it affects the upper jaw. In Ashik’s case, however, the tumor was found deep in the lower jaw.

  • An Australian woman went to the hospital, complaining of stomach pains

After a CT scan was done, doctors discovered that there was a piece of metal staple wire that had pierced her small intestine. The reason this happened is because the woman had her braces removed 10 years ago! It is believed that the Australian woman swallowed some of the wire on the metal braces. The wire sat in her stomach for years before going to her small intestine.

  • Tourist tooth

One of the famous Beatles musician John Lennon’s teeth was sold at auction in 2012 for £19,000 (about $31,000).
A jewelry designer decided to use part of the tooth to turn it into a necklace. In this way, the necklace went around 16 dental offices in the United Kingdom with the aim of raising the awareness of oral cancer.

The vocation of being a dentist

Thanks to dentists, many “strange” cases end successfully with satisfaction for the patient and the dentist. Dentists do everything they can to save patients’ smiles or create a new one if necessary. Patients are only asked to take care of their teeth by maintaining good oral hygiene and not missing their preventive examinations at the dentist.

A smile has a mirror effect, smile and you will see smiles!


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