The “Task Management Module” in AMOSYS

The traditional methods

The organization of the work process in dental laboratories turns out to be a big challenge. In most cases, orders are transmitted by phone, paper, spreadsheets or email. Orders arrive at the lab from various locations. The problem with these methods, however, is that they represent different communication channels, and recording orders at one place and then successfully tracking them and delivering them on time turns out to be an additional challenge.

Details matter

The small details create the great masterpiece. Think if you have ever missed an order because you have forgotten to just write it down. And does your dental technician in the laboratory know which products he should make today and which tomorrow? The organization of the work process should not be an obstacle for you to work calmly and within the set deadlines.

The busy workflow of dental technicians can be eased, but a well-crafted system must be in place. In a busy workday, when order information is not collected in one place, mistakes can be made. An expired product will not only put the dentist in an unpleasant situation, but also leave the patient disappointed. Both the dentist and the patient will lose time, and in today’s fast-paced everyday life, every minute counts.

A modern solution

Today we live in the world of technology. This also opens doors for our specialists. A good system can turn out to be software that, in addition to storing all your information about all your dental orders in one place, will also facilitate the management of the work process itself in your laboratory.

Thanks to the latest AMOSYS dental software module “Task Management Module” designed specifically for dental laboratories, you’ll never have a production delay due to a missed note or a missed phone call. With AMOSYS, you can work on time without hesitation because all your orders are visible in one place.

What are the advantages for dental laboratories when working with the “Task Management Module”:
  • Interactive calendar and order dashboard – it gives a view of all orders for the month. Just a click away, the software will give you complete information about each order.
  • Employee planning calendar – which dental technician is assigned to work on which products, as well as the planned time for making an order
  • Creating your own product manufacturing process – a functionality that enables you to create product manufacturing stages.
  • Planning and assigning orders and the tasks for manufacturing the products to the dental technicians
  • Tracking of each task and stage of production of a product
Check out the new AMOSYS software module: “Task Management Module” in our short video:
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