Financial Documents and Payment Tracking for Dental Laboratories: The New “FINANCE” Module for Dental Practices in AMOSYS

“Finance” module

The latest step in the development of AMOSYS software includes the “Finance” module, which allows dentists to track their financial documents related to dental laboratories more effectively.

Dental practices now have an innovative tool to help them track financial documents from dental laboratories more efficiently and focus on providing the best treatment to their patients.

The “Finance” module is a highly intuitive and powerful tool that consolidates all financial documents related to dental lab orders in one place. Through the new module, dentists can easily and quickly monitor the status of all documents and payments related to their dental lab orders.

With just a few clicks, you can see which invoices have been paid and which require payment. You can quickly and easily see which dental laboratory you have placed the most orders with and the total amount spent. The intuitive interface allows dentists to receive email notifications when invoices, credit notes, or debit notes are received. This notification method streamlines the process of reviewing and confirming documents.

The added option to confirm or reject debit notes provides additional control over financial operations.

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