Security and data protection in AMOSYS

With this article, the TEACS team answers the questions they receive about the security and access of information in AMOSYS software by talking about the many tools they use to protect data.

Security and protection

Data security and protection in AMOSYS software include multiple processes and tools that minimize the risk of data leakage.

This includes:

  • Data stored in the database
  • Client-Server Connection
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • 24/7 support and server monitoring
How was data stored in the past?

Actually, until very recently, people did not have the option of storing their personal data on servers. Most often, people recorded data on paper, in card files, in printed books, and others. Even saving them in computer databases did not guarantee security. In fact not only were these ways very labor-intensive but also insecure. The data was too accessible. Besides data was not secured against malicious threats, and unpredictable disasters – such as fires, earthquakes, etc.

Today, users could trust more secure methods. Thanks to the development of digitalization, new possibilities for storing information appear. In a much safer place and in a place that occupies a much smaller physical volume. When you work with the AMOSYS software, data is stored on servers. Servers are difficult to access. Natural disasters, cannot threaten servers. And they don’t take up unnecessary space in accounting. The data is in one safe and secure place.

What is a database in servers?

A database is a software product whose purpose is to process, store and retrieve data. The program stores the data and users can rest easy. AMOSYS is organized according to the most modern data protection protocols. In addition to local backup with the state-of-the-art VEEAM backup and replication system, data is copied daily and stored in our remote data center on several more servers. In this way, the risk of losing any information and not being able to recover it is minimal. When working with AMOSYS, access to information located in a user profile in the software is available only to the user. When working with AMOSYS, users can focus on work and be more productive in the workplace, knowing that their data is protected from deletion or compromise.

What is a Client-Server Connection?

This represents a connection between the user and the AMOSYS software that is encrypted. The fact that the connection is encrypted means that it is secure. It is the most secure security mechanism that protects data online. Other encrypted analogous connections are, for example, making an online purchase with a credit card – the credit card number during a given transaction is protected; Your passwords for different applications – when you enter the password, it is encrypted; etc. AMOSYS works with the most advanced cryptographic protocols that ensure the security of communication between Client – Server. And just as your credit card is protected when shopping online, so your data is protected when working with the software.

What is a “Database Management System” (DBMS)?

A database management system protects, organizes, and manages customer data. A DBMS is a software that manages all major aspects of a database. The term DBMS is about 60 years old, and in recent years it has been constantly updated and developed. The applications and services that people use every day contain DBMS. These are, for example, cash withdrawals from an ATM, online purchases, online flight ticket reservations, vacation home reservations, etc.

24/7 support and server monitoring

Our team of IT specialists monitors 24 hours for maximum system protection and the use of the latest DBMS versions. The hosting used is up to date with all GDPR requirements. All employees and systems are compliant and regulated so that there is the highest data protection. The protection of our customers’ data is extremely important to us, and your work and peace of mind matter. Working with AMOSYS, in addition to better organization of the work process, you get peace of mind and safety of your data and you can focus on what is really important without worrying about what we take care of.


TEACS Ltd. applies its standards of confidentiality to any information that becomes known to us in the course of our business. Nevertheless, this policy is specific to the protection of personal data – and guaranteeing the rights of the persons to whom they relate.

The information for contacts with legal entities are not personal data – trade company, contact address, office telephones, e-mail addresses, etc. – the rules under item V of this policy do not apply to these data.


“Cookie Policy”

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