Promo offer for July

Our promo offer

Take advantage of our promo offer for the period 07/01/2022 – 07/31/2022! Summer brings us a good mood and vacation days, but why not be delighted at your workplace too? Learn all about the newest module in AMOSYS “Task Management Module”. Take advantage of our special offer! See for yourself how much smoother the workflow can be! Learn more about the software AMOSYS !

Promo offer for dental labs and dental practices
Promotion rules:

The organizer of the promotion is TEACS Ltd with address: Shumen, 15 NANCHO POPOVICH St. Participants in the promotion agree to comply with all terms and conditions of its official rules. They rules are announced in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Bulgarian law. The Promoter reserves the right to supplement or change the Official Rules. The changes will come into force only after their prior announcement. You can obtain additional information by email:

Duration and conditions of the promotion:

The promotion starts on  07/01/2022 at 12:00 p.m. and ends on 07/31/.2022 at 12:00 a.m. All current and new users of the AMOSYS software can take part in the promotion.

The promotion is only valid after registration at the official page of the AMOSYS software at:  for new users or after an email to  with a request for use of the new module for current users.

For dental laboratories

In order for the promotion to be successful, new dental lab users must register on the site at: . Existing dental laboratory users must submit a trial request for the “Module for task management’ at

Dental Labs with an active subscription can try out the new module for 3 months within their existing subscription with no commitment for further use. After the promotion expires, we can activate the new module until the end of the current subscription. In this case, users make an additional payment according to the pricing policy announced on the official site of AMOSYS. You can request a continued use of the “Task Management Module” on:

Registered labs without an active subscription get free use of the START subscription plan for 3 months. Moreover newly registered labs get free use of the START subscription plan for 3 months.

If you have paid plan “Start” and it expires before the end of the promotion, the 3 months are terminated with the end of the current subscription. Or you can continue the use of it after payment of the subscription plan “Start” or “Standard” with an email to

For dental practices

In addition, the offer gives the right to free use of the AMOSYS software. Dental labs with an active subscription, get 3 months of use of the AMOSYS software with the inclusion of the newest module: “Task Management Module”.

Moreover, newly registered labs, connected to the dental practice use for FREE the START subscription plan for 3 months.

The promotion is considered successful when new users register on the site at: . Current users must submit а request to . They should also name the dental labs they are connected to. So we can activate the “Task Management Module” for a promotional period of 3 months for those labs.

Who can participate in the promotion?

All who are doctors of dental medicine with their registered medical facilities and dental technicians with their registered medical-technical laboratories have the right to participate. Due to the specialized nature of the services, we provide them only to individuals and legal entities that have the relevant registration or license for a given activity. And it is in accordance with the requirements of the “Law on Medical Facilities” and other applicable legal acts.

For questions:

Contact us at +359 883 336 060 from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. or email us:

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