Profession “Dental Technician”

What is dental technology?

Dental technology is an integral part of the work of the dentist to whom we go if we have a problem in the oral cavity or want to have a preventive examination of our teeth. Unfortunately, people most often encounter only their dentist and their nurse in the office. The role of the dental technician remains in the shadows outside the dental office. But the importance of the work that dental technicians perform is great.

What is the “dental technician” profession? While the dentist takes care of the actual treatment of the patient’s teeth and gums, dental technicians are the ones who make the various dental structures. As Iva Stamatova, a practicing dental technician for 4 years, shares: “Dentists work directly in the patient’s mouth, and dental technicians indirectly – through impressions.” Their work is interconnected and equally important.

Dental technician portfolio

Skills and patience, dedication and the desire to restore smiles are some of the key characteristics of a good dental technician. ” ..I want to help people and I’m handy – a skill necessary for dentistry” – says Tanya Kuzmova, student of dentistry at “Sharite” in Berlin. The combination of theory and practice, not only during the studies, but also in the subsequent career development, is a key point for all those who go to study this specialty. “My professor was of the opinion that quality comes from pain and work…. In the first year, 60 students started, but already that year we were left with half.”.
You have to be ready to dedicate yourself to this profession.

Skills and difficulties

The complexity of the profession comes from the fact that the practice of dental technology includes so-called removable (fixed) and non-removable (removable) prosthetics. Dentist technicians produce both fixed crowns, implants, bridges, as well as prostheses, various splints (sports, for bruxism, etc.), orthodontic products. The precision with which these appliances must be made to fit comfortably in the patient’s oral cavity is what makes the profession difficult. With the latest CAD and CAM technologies, as well as software such as AMOSYS, which facilitate the transfer of information from the dentist to the dental technician for the fabrication of the device, these processes are simplified, but precision and quality remain at the forefront.

Training for the profession “Dental Technician”

In Bulgaria, medical colleges in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna offer the opportunity to study in this direction. The specialty is a professional bachelor’s degree, which is followed for 3 years with an optional laboratory internship included. Of course, the major can also be studied abroad, but an excellent command of the language in which the student will choose to study is highly recommended. Many foreign students, such as Marcel from Baden-Württemberg, decide to choose Bulgaria for their studies because of the financial point of view on the one hand and on the other – the smaller groups and midterm exams. But some Bulgarian students, such as Tanya Kuzmova, decide to study abroad. Tanya chooses Berlin. In Germany, some of the possibilities for her would be Jena, Freiburg, Munich or Würzburg. However, wherever the student chooses to follow, in the end the goal is the same – learning the secrets of the trade and a good career realization.

Career development path

Both in Bulgaria and in Germany, fresh graduates face the career ladder that must be climbed before they can fully establish themselves in the direction they desire. Both in Bulgaria and in Germany, the training includes an internship in a laboratory, where the student can later start his career.


Salary is expected to increase progressively with years in the industry, experience, skills and amount of work performed. Both in Bulgaria and in countries such as Germany and England, the salary of a dental technician is around the average for the country in which he practices. For example, in England, dental technicians just starting their careers can expect an average annual salary of between £16,000 and £18,000. The more experience a dental technician has and the more qualified he is, the higher salary he can expect. Dental technicians with experience earn between £22,000 and £40,000 on average. Over 40,000 pounds per year can be expected by those who, in addition to dental technology, are also involved in management in their field.

In Germany, dental technicians earn an average of between €1,080 and €3,750 per month. The average salary for the country is 2,540 euros per month, which means that half of the dental technicians receive below and the other half above this amount of remuneration for their work. How qualified and how experienced the dental technician is is again a leading factor in the formation of his monetary remuneration.

In Bulgaria, the salary situation is not much different. The dental technician in Bulgaria may earn less than his colleagues in Great Britain and Germany, but this is again an average amount for the country itself. Salary in Bulgaria varies, as a very “fresh specialist” is likely to retire on an amount lower than that for the country, but over time reach a salary of around 1,500-2,000 BGN per month. Of course, if he is good at what he does.

Additional training and courses are available for those wishing to open their own dental laboratory in any country. Higher pay is a motive for many specialists, but the responsibility and work expectedly should also increase. One thing is certain – innovations in dental technology do not stop and are constantly developing. In order for a dental technician to be competitive and earn a higher salary, he must constantly educate himself. It is a personal choice in which direction he wishes to develop as a specialist, whether he will work independently or in a large clinic, and in which town he will choose to practice. However, one thing is true in all cases – qualifications, the desire to upgrade, hard work and even innate talent are factors that would increase the reward and satisfaction from the work itself.


Our team believes that dental technicians should be told “thank you” more often, because after all, our smiles are wide and confident thanks to their joint work with dentists. It is not by chance that our team envisioned AMOSYS software for dentists and dentistal technicians with an advanced dental technician module, because we believe that dentistal technicians deserve to have their work made easier. There is already a lot of software for dentists on the market, but we also want dental technicians to have a reliable dental laboratory management tool.

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