Meet the creators of AMOSYS

AMOSYS is a software developed and established by three professionals – Galin Berbenkov, Damyan Enchev and Rosen Cholakov. Each of them is a specialist in his field – Galin – in finance, Rosen –  in the database management, and Damyan – in dentistry: a person inside the niche of dentists and dental technicians. Below we will tell you briefly about each of the co-founders of the start-up company TEACS:

Galin Berbenkov graduated in “Business Administration” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. For many years he worked as an external auditor for one of the Big Four in the world. He has gained extensive experience in the field of finance and accounting and in understanding and optimizing business processes. He has been handling of TEACS for two years.

Galin Berbenkov

Rosen Cholakov graduated in “Informatics” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. He has been practicing and working in the IT field for 18 years. His main focus is databases, analytical solutions and big data. He believes that good software is the one that helps people, solves problems or gives them solutions. These beliefs and his experience meet him with the other two members of the team, Damyan Enchev and Galin Berbenkov.

Rosen Cholakov

Dr. Damyan Enchev is a Doctor of Dental Medicine, with a master’s degree in “Health Management”. AMOSYS is created because of the need in the dental field in which he works. In the course of his professional work, Damyan encounters various difficulties and problems in communication with the laboratories with which he interacts. Dr. Enchev shares that the lab case notes which are transferred along the chain are getting lost. These notes contain information about the lab order, which may not be properly understood by the lab. He shares that with these notes, questions like these may arise: who shoul pay, what is the already paid amount, who owes what, what is the deadline of the payment, and so on.

Dr. Damyan Enchev

This process led Dr. Damyan Enchev to contact Galin Berbenkov and Rosen Cholakov so they can find a solution that would facilitate communication between dentists and dental technicians. The solution turned out to be AMOSYS.

How did the idea for a work system such as AMOSYS, comes up?

Rosen Cholakov: Almost two years ago, Damyan and Galin called me and told me about their idea and the process of creating and exchanging dental lab orders between dental technicians and dentists. They told me how currently these tasks happen on paper, by phone, by email, with a certain amount of mistakes. Then the idea was matured and I liked it. That’s how I joined the forming team.

Dr. Damyan Enchev: Initially, the idea was to create software for communication between dental practices and dental laboratories, but I see what is happening worldwide and the fact that somehow dental technicians are neglected in this area. There are a lot of software for dentists, but not so much for dental technicians. That’s how the software has grown into a tool for managing the dental laboratories.

What is the main purpose of the AMOSYS software created by your start-up company TEACS?

Galin Berbenkov: The main goal of AMOSYS is to facilitate the processing of dental lab orders, as well as to enable better and more effective communication between the dental technicians and the dentists. Moreover to make the process between the two sides transparent and crystal clear. As Damyan mentioned earlier, AMOSYS aims to avoid the lab cases in which there is a lack of communication between the two sides since it is not clear who and when is in charge of the tasks and moreover on what price. This is the main goal of the AMOSYS software.

AMOSYS – Dental lab case management software

What is the profile of the potential user of the AMOSYS software?

Galin Berbenkov: Before we started developing the AMOSYS software, we conducted a fairly extensive survey among dental technicians to see what their needs are, in relation to their daily work. We found that they do not use digital software, although they have a very serious need for such solutions to facilitate and automate some of their work. We are currently actively promoting both on the Bulgarian market and on the markets in Germany and England. We look forward to the end of the Covid-19 pandemic so we can start face-to-face meetings with our future partners at various forums, trainings and other similar events.

Rosen Cholakov: As Galin said, surveys were conducted in the beginning, opinions of key people in the industry were collected in order the software to meet exactly the needs of its future customers. However, similar development of any start-up company and product is accompanied by many challenges. It strikes me that the main challenge we face is the work habit. Dental technicians are assured, they are signaling that they need such platform, but they still cannot break away from their old way of working. It just takes time.

Galin Berbenkov: AMOSYS is focused both at large and small dental laboratories so to large and small dental practices. The idea is a dental technician to be able to connect with all his customers through the AMOSYS cloud space, as well as any dentist to be able to contact all his dental lab partners through AMOSYS.

What are the benefits for the users of AMOSYS?

Dr. Damyan Enchev: Every successful business in the world, as well as in Bulgaria, uses services as: Software as a service (SaaS), a cloud service that is available from anywhere: from phone, tablet or smart TV at home. This means that people can access and manage their work at any time. One of the main benefits of the software is the so-called “handshake”. This means that if someone makes changes to the order, the other party have to agree in order the process of accepting, manufacturing, delivering and placing to continue. The other important benefit is the traceability of the order. Any status in which the lab case passes can be monitored from the dental office or from the dental laboratory- until it is placed in the mouths of patients. Our interactive tooth map visualize not only the place of the structure and its type, but also the material from which it will be made. Moreover, the tooth map includes some of the most commonly used colour schemes, so that it can be specified exactly the color we need.

Galin Berbenkov: The main benefit of AMOSYS is to facilitate communication between the dentists and the dental technicians, to reduce the mistakes in making or executing orders in a very intuitive and interactive way. With the help of digital technologies, the dentists and the dental technicians should not waste time in clarifications, but rather focus on their main goals. For dental technicians, this should be the added value they provide to the dentist, and the dentist should be able to receive their orders quickly and be able to focus on their patients.

If we have to summarize the core, how many key points about the benefits and goals of AMOSYS software can we bring out for its users?

Rosen Cholakov: These key points are transparency of the process of creating an order and communication. Both parties always know what is wanted and what is the stage of the order. This prevents mistakes, saves time and money on both sides. The software reduces and digitizes the administration and ensures the data preservation, of course, within the legal framework provided by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Last but not least, the price of the subscription is quite attractive and affordable.

Galin Berbenkov: AMOSYS offers two main modules – for dental technicians and for dentists. Through these modules, respectively, dental technicians and dentists interact with the other party. Each of the modules has separate profiles – i.e. for example a large dental laboratory would have the opportunity to have administrative profiles and user profiles for n-number of dental technicians. If the dental laboratory is very small, there is no problem to have a single profile that combines both functions of an administrator and a user. A mirror version has also been developed for the dentists’ module, where in large dental practices it is possible to have an administrator and n – number of dentists, respectively if the practice is small – again the function of administrator and user is not a problem to be combined. In addition to the tooth map, when placing an order, dentists can also upload digital files such as videos, photos or 3D CAD design, files such as STL, OPJ. Accordingly, upon receipt of the order, the dental technician can see the photos and video files in real time. The CAD-files must be downloaded and played through other software.

Rosen Cholakov: The main functionality of AMOSYS is the processing of orders to dental laboratories. This is accompanied by functionalities for maintaining nomenclatures, materials of dental practices and dental labs, a chat to support the work process, payments that are currently only slightly implemented and many more useful coming features. Also a very useful part of the system is the preservation of the history of the order. Every interaction, every movement, every message on a given order is recorded so that there is full traceability of communication and actions. In this way, both parties will be aware of what is happening with the order.

Tooth map

Where is AMOSYS in the software market for dental technicians and dentists?

Galin Berbenkov: We are focused not only on Bulgaria, actually we are also looking at other countries. Our priority is Germany and England. We also have contacts with our Chinese partners.

What additional features can the users of the AMOSYS software expect?

Galin Berbenkov: In the near future we plan to implement the invoicing module, which will allow dental technicians to invoice directly through the system their customers, respectively to generate PDF or EXCEL files, or if they want to print invoices and send them to their customers. Also, what is coming soon is the creation of the task manager, through which tasks can be distributed through a calendar application, which will be interactive with each of the well-recognized e-mail services. In this way, each practice will be able to monitor, on the one hand when and on which part of the order should be working each dental technician and on the other hand – when dentists should expect their orders.

Rosen Cholakov: AMOSYS was built through modern technologies and for the current needs of a specialized audience. This is not a conventional product. AMOSYS fills a poorly developed niche in the otherwise richly developed palette of the software industry.

Why should AMOSYS users trust the TEACS’ specialist?

Galin Berbenkov: We have a dentist, a person with a lot of experience in managing process optimization and a person who is currently dedicated to database processing. In the end, when we reach the completeness of the software, it will become an ERP system and will be a unique tool for its users who will be able to work with a large database, analytical tools to help them understand how their business develops and in what direction they could choose to continue to develop it.

Rosen Cholakov: There are people in the team who daily practice in this field and daily face the need for an application like AMOSYS. But the team stays behind the scenes. Anyone can use the software with a trial period to see the benefits for themselves, whether they are a dentist or a dental technician. In this way, trust will be built on a solid foundation, not on words.

Dr. Damyan Enchev: Each of us is good at what he does professionally and together we are an expectedly good combination.

Are you recognizable on the internet? What are you doing in regard to this matter?

Galin Berbenkov: We recently managed to attract a marketing director from a large Bulgarian company. Since this person came to us, there is an extremely big change in the way we work. Things have been structured and channeled a lot, we have become much more visible in cyberspace. We are available through LinkedIn, Facebook and are currently working on Google optimization.