Managing finances in your dental laboratory is fast and easy in your hands.

The module “FINANCE”

AMOSYS dental laboratory software is rapidly evolving, and the new “Finance” module is now a reality. Developed to meet your needs, this module provides an integrated solution for managing the financial aspects of your dental laboratory.

By adding financial functionalities to the AMOSYS dental software, it has transformed from an effective place for communication with dental practices, and creating and tracking orders, into a state-of-the-art software solution for managing operations throughout the entire laboratory. Dental orders are conveniently visible in an interactive calendar, their production is assigned to dental technicians, and completed orders are invoiced to dental practices.

The “Finance” module provides dental laboratories with a range of functionalities that significantly optimize their financial operations:

  • Order Invoicing: You can now easily and efficiently invoice each order, as well as create a consolidated invoice for multiple orders. You can issue a monthly invoice to your clients for all their orders.
  • Financial Tracking: The module allows you to create and track the inflows and outflows of your laboratory.
  • Documents: You have quick and easy access to all the financial documents of the laboratory.
  • Client Receivables Management: With AMOSYS, you can easily track your clients’ payments and see dental practices with delayed payments to your laboratory.
  • Analyses: With the “Finance” module, you can quickly and easily analyze the financial flows from your dental practice clients, understanding which dental practice has generated the highest or lowest turnover.
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