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Is AMOSYS a marketplace?

Is AMOSYS a marketplace? Today, our team has prepared a short article about what a marketplace is and how the AMOSYS software differs from a marketplace. We often receive inquiries about what the software exactly represents and how secure the information regarding the preferences of dental laboratories and dental practices for partnership is. In this material, you will find the answers to these questions, as well as understand the essence of the AMOSYS software for dental laboratory management and ensure that your information about whom you are working with (and not only) is fully protected.

What is a marketplace?

A marketplace is a platform where various merchants can offer their goods and services. The owners of such platforms are different from the owners of the offered goods and services. Those who offer goods and services are customers of the platform owners, while the end-user becomes a customer of the goods and services owners. In other words, the relationship can be described as “Platform – goods and services – end-user.” The idea is for the marketplace or platform owners to provide the best possible conditions while generating profits from the large flow of users to the platform. The platform owners earn commissions for each sold item or service, but the actual sales are carried out by the suppliers of these goods and services. In simpler terms, a marketplace is like a market where various traders offer their products at different stalls.

What is the difference with online stores?

It should also be noted that a marketplace differs from an online store. While the trading platform can be likened to a shopping mall, another large commercial center, or a marketplace containing multiple shops and stalls, the online store resembles a physical store – one that offers specific goods and services, with store maintenance and sales revenues attributed to a single physical individual/entity or partners.

Is AMOSYS a marketplace?

AMOSYS, designed for dental technicians and dentists, is an end product aimed at the end user. In AMOSYS, dental laboratories have the option to create orders through passive practices (i.e., input orders themselves) or to work in collaboration with dental practices (for which the dental practice needs to create a profile in AMOSYS and connect with the laboratory). Laboratories can only see their menu with the practices they work with. Dental practices, on the other hand, can only see the products and price lists of the laboratories they work with. The contact is between “dental laboratory-dental practice”. Even if you work with more than one practice/laboratory, your partners will not see each other, which means the AMOSYS software is not a marketplace.

What does AMOSYS offer?

AMOSYS offers two separate profiles – one for dental technicians and one for dentists. In the platform, one laboratory profile can contain an unlimited number of dental technicians (depending on how many colleagues you work with and the plan you choose). Profiles have different levels of access (determined by you) to sensitive information, but again, dental technicians from one laboratory cannot see the work of dental technicians in another laboratory. The same applies to dental practices – one practice can invite an unlimited number of dentists (working together), but dentists cannot see other registered practices in the software.

Profiles are created through registration, with invitations to connect, confirmation via email address, and password. Work on the platform is carried out with a high level of protection and security. Let’s summarize:

  • Dental laboratories only see the practices they work with (and these practices cannot see each other). Dental laboratories do not see other laboratories in the software.
  • Dental practices only see the laboratories they work with (and these laboratories cannot see each other). Dental practices do not see other dental practices in AMOSYS.
  • The connection between practice and dental laboratory occurs through an invitation and approval from the respective side. To send an invitation, the respective party must know the email address of the other party (regardless of whether the other party already has registration in the software).
  • Connected dental practices with a dental laboratory do not have access to the internal information of the laboratory and vice versa.
  • To ensure this, and to demonstrate how registration and connection work in the dental laboratory management software, we offer you a free online meeting with us!
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