How did the idea for a work system such as AMOSYS come about and what are its main goals?

AMOSYS is the software developed and created by three professionals – Galin Berbenkov, Dr. Damyan Enchev and Rosen Cholakov. Each of them is a specialist in his field – Galin – in finance, Rosen – in database management, and Damian – a person inside the niche of dentists and dental technicians.

How did the idea for a work system such as AMOSYS, come about?

How did the idea for a work system such as AMOSYS, come about?

Rosen Cholakov: Almost two years ago, Damyan and Galin called me and told me about their idea and the process of creating and exchanging dental lab orders between dental technicians and dentists. They told me how currently these tasks happen on paper, by phone, by email, with a certain amount of mistakes. Then the idea was matured and I liked it. That’s how I joined the forming team.

Dr. Damyan Enchev: Initially, the idea was to create software for communication between dental practices and dental laboratories, but I see what is happening worldwide and the fact that somehow dental technicians are neglected in this area. There are a lot of software for dentists, but not so much for dental technicians. That’s how the software has grown into a tool for managing the dental laboratories.

What is the main purpose of the AMOSYS software?

What is the main purpose of the AMOSYS software created by your start-up company TEACS?

Galin Berbenkov: The main goal of AMOSYS is to facilitate the processing of dental lab orders, as well as to enable better and more effective communication between the dental technicians and the dentists. Moreover to make the process between the two sides transparent and crystal clear. As Damyan mentioned earlier, AMOSYS aims to avoid the lab cases in which there is a lack of communication between the two sides since it is not clear who and when is in charge of the tasks and moreover on what price. This is the main goal of the AMOSYS software.

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