Dentist’s day: When is it celebrated? What do these dates symbolize?

Dentist’s Day Internationally: When is it celebrated?

International Dentist’s Day is celebrated on March 6. Originally the United States start celebrating this day, but colleagues from other countries, such as India and Bangladesh, like the tradition and also implement it.  This date is not chosen by chance: on March 6, 1790, John Greenwood, the personal dentist of George Washington, the first president of the United States, creates the dental drill. Dr. Greenwood’s homemade device, although  looking scary, works perfectly. Curiously, Dr. Greenwood has made the spinning wheel from his mother’s foot machine. After more than 100 years, more precisely – in 1907, the electric drill is created- a prototype of its predecessor. Such a major revolutionary event in dental practice does not go unnoticed and March 6 becomes an occasion for international respect. (Rus Team Media; International Dentist’s Day;

We can divide the centuries-old history of the holiday into the period up to March 6, 1790 and beyond. In ancient times, people had a treatment system very similar to the modern one: ancient dentists also made a hole in the tooth, cleaned it and then tried to fill it. The Maya, for example, used precious stones to fill these holes. Of course, not everyone could afford gemstones and even today some among the wealthy use gems as a decoration of their teeth.

Happy holiday to those who make us smile boldly!

Dentist’s Day in Bulgaria: When is it celebrated?

Some countries celebrate Dentist’’ Day on another date. For example, Bulgarian dentists celebrate Dentist’s Day every year on April 11. The Bulgarian Dental Association (BDA), with more than 8,600 members, also participates in numerous initiatives for prevention and maintenance of oral health. Among them are the Program for Oral Prevention of Children from 0 to 18 years, the celebration of the international World Oral Health Day and  the organization of forums in dental medicine. (Ivelina Georgieva; “Dentists celebrate their professional holiday”; ).

What is Saint Antipas connected with and why is he the patron saint of Bulgarian dentists?

Pagans and unbelieving Jews persecute St. Antipas, bishop of Pergamum (I-II century) in the Church of Pergamum, the city of Pergamum. St. Antipas is mentioned by St. John the Theologian in his book of Revelation. Saint Antipas has preached among the inhabitants of the city advising them to turn to the God of Christ. Therefore his persuasive sermons and his personal pious life have attracted many Gentiles to the bosom of Christ’s church. Pagan deities lose their worshipers, idol worshipers dwindle, and pagans begin to blame Antipas for this.

With the permission of Emperor Domitian, district governors throughout the empire launch a brutal persecution of Christians. As a result, the pagans take advantage of this auspicious occasion, the idolatrous priests capture Antipas and he is dragged into the pagan temple. There is an idol there: a big bull forged from cuprum. For this reason, the pagans heat the bull to redness and they throw Antipas into it. Although Antipas endures the terrible torments, he prays for his enemies and for the whole world. But gradually his physical strength weakens and he dies quietly. Christians reverently burry the body of St. Antipas and preserve his relics. They are said to have healing powers. (“HOLIDAY: Dentists celebrate – they celebrate their patron Saint Antipas;;

The saint is a patron of dentists in Bulgaria, who defend the rights of both dentists patients and strive for better development of dental medicine in the country. The suffering and pain that Antipas went through is also associated with the former pain of dental procedures and the fear of some people of dental instruments.

What other days are dentists honored?

February 9 marks the International Day of the Dentist, which differs from the International Day of the Dentist on March 6 in that it is more comprehensive, but in essence has the same idea. Despite the fact that dentistry is one of the oldest branches of medicine (“excavations in the Pakistani province of Balochistan reveal the remains of people who have lived in the 6-4th century BC, in whose teeth have been drilled almost perfect holes with a diameter of 1 – 3 mm and depth up to 3.5 mm “), both holidays are relatively young.

February 9 is also not chosen by chance. As can be seen, the holiday is celebrated on the day of homage by the Catholic Church to the Christian St. Apollonia of Alexandria, who, subjected to terrible torture by pagans, does not renounce Christianity. The Holy Woman endures all torment, and when, on February 9, 249, the pagans threaten her with execution by fire, if she does not comply with the demands of the tormentors, she jumps into the fire and burns herself. St. Apollonia, like St. Antipas, is associated with torment and pain and defending one’s position.

For the most part, the holidays related to dental medicine are a wonderful occasion to visit our treating specialist for prevention and to thank for the care and diligence!

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