Dental technology and dentistry-several different specialists (future and current) and one common opinion

Over the past year we have managed to consult specialists and students in the field of dental technology and dentistry. We discussed different issues with each of them. We all came to the common conclusion: “It’s only a matter of time, the benefits are tangible.” ..You can read the full interviews on our page under the heading “News” (

What are the attitudes towards digitalization in the field of dental technology and dentistry?

How can a software like AMOSYS be useful to you?

What has entered the practice? What is expected?

Find out by reading what the experts share:

What software / technologies do you use during your studies?

We use CAD / CAM. Dental technicians still exchange information with dentists by phone and with notes. I often have to call to check if everything is ready, and sometimes the information is lost. There was a case when they forgot to send me the tooth impressions. Therefore I think it would be appropriate to use some kind of software to keep the information in one place. To be able to better communicate with each other. To track the product. – Tanya Kuzmova, student of dental medicine at the Charité Faculty in Berlin ( /)

Do you think digital solutions are beneficial in healthcare?

Yes, I think they are useful. For example, issuing online invoices is a great relief for all dentists who work with the NHIF. At this point, I appreciate that digital solutions increase efficiency and reduce the risk of mistakes in our daily work.Dr. Dilyana Balacheva, specialist in dental medicine ( )

To what extent do you think dentists use computers and a specialized software for their work?

It mostly depends on whether the software is required or not. Very few colleagues still work with a software that is not required. Likewise, in recent years, there has been more and more talk of digitalization. Therefore I believe that it will increasingly enter our offices and our daily work. – Dr. Dilyana Balacheva, specialist in dental medicine ( )

What are the benefits for AMOSYS software users?

Every successful business in the world, as well as in Bulgaria, uses services as: Software as a service (SaaS). This is a cloud service that is available from anywhere: from the phone, tablet or smart TV at home. This means that people can access and manage their work at any time. One of the main benefits of the software is the so-called “handshake”. This means that if someone makes changes to the order, the other party has to agree in order the process of accepting, manufacturing, delivering and placing to continue. The other important benefit is the traceability of the order.

Any status, in which the laboratory case passes, can be monitored. Both from the dental office or from the dental laboratory. And this process is available until it is placed in the mouths of patients. Our interactive tooth map visualizes not only the place of the structure and its type, but also the material from which it will be made. Moreover, the tooth map includes some of the most commonly used color schemes, so that it can be specified exactly the color we need. – Dr. Damyan Enchev, dentist and one of the founders of AMOSYS ( )

How does AMOSYS software affect the exchange of your dental orders? What is your overall impression of using the software?

For our laboratory, the software turned out to be a very positive change. As a result, the communication has become excellent and it is a facilitation for our work. My general impression is positive. I am happy with the software because it makes my work easier and helps the work process. – Ivaylo Dochev, dental technician ()

Would you recommend the AMOSYS software to your fellow dental technicians?

Yes, I recommend it to both dental technicians and dentists. –Ivaylo Dochev, dental technician ( )