AMOSYS facilitates the workflow of dentists in dental practices

By using AMOSYS you can easily follow the stage of development of the orders you send to dental technicians. The different statuses of the orders, which the dental technicians set, allow you to conveniently monitor the progress in the development of the ordered products in the dental lab.

Dental practices benefit from:

– Two levels of user access
– Connecting to an unlimited number of dental laboratories
– Interactive tooth map
– Attaching files such as photos, videos and STL files
– Submit dental order data online
– Monitoring the stage of dental orders
– Communication with dental laboratories in real time
– Filter orders by different criteria
– Statistics on the number of orders, laboratories and costs

Two levels of access in order to protect your data

To ensure the protection of confidential information, AMOSYS also offers two levels of access for dental practices.
The local administrator account gets access to all data and functions in the AMOSYS software.
The user account receives limited access to the orders‘ data and to some functionalities.

Next level of communication

The software allows you to communicate in real time with the dental technician by writing comments on each order. The interactive tooth map helps for quick and convenient entry of the place for the ordered dental product.

Share files

AMOSYS allows you to upload photos, videos, STL files, write notes and set deadlines to the dental laboratory.

Independence and connection between dental practices and dental laboratories

AMOSYS allows sending invitations to connect with laboratories that already use the software.
Additional functionality allows sending invitations for registration to dental technicians that still do not work with the software.

Pricing and plans

No initial investment and no need for permanent contracts. You can pay with convenient monthly installments or an annual subscription. If you need more space, you can increase your space plan, with prices starting from £10 / month for 20 GB of space.

We offer two types of software as a service for dental laboratories:
– The standard Amosys software subscription plan – for those of you who find the available set of features optimal and working for your dental laboratory

– Tailor made Amosys software on subscription base – Amosys software with individual solutions and modifications related to workflow specifics in the laboratory. As we know that not always one size fits all is the best approach for each dental lab we are ready to discuss the possibilities. Contact us!



dental profile up to 10 GB space

* Invite unlimited number of dental technicians
* Add photos, videos and STL files
* Export data and reports
* Chat between dentists and dental technicians
* Up to 10GB cloud storage
* Free updates
* Online training



dental profile for up to 20 GB space

* Invite unlimited number of dental technicians
* Add photos, videos and STL files

* Send data for dental orders entirely online
* Export data and reports
* Chat between dentists and dental technicians
* Up to 20GB cloud storage
* Free updates
* Online training

Your trust in us is important!

During the development and maintenance of Amosys, we get informed about the innovations in the field, we consult with our partners in the industry, we follow the trends and we try to offer our clients the most modern software solutions.