Black Friday offers for dentists in AMOSYS

The time of the year has come when all our users receive special offers for using AMOSYS.

The countdown to the start of Black Friday has begun!

We, the TEACS team, are pleased to announce that between 22.11.2021 at 12:00. and 28.11.2021 at 00.00. we will be able to provide our special offers to dental practices.

All dental laboratories that you connect with during the promotion period will receive 3 months of free usage. Thanks to the extended free period, you will have the opportunity, without obligation, to try for a longer period how AMOSYS works and how it can facilitate your work with dental laboratories.

You can easily take advantage of our exclusive conditions by connecting with the dental laboratories at AMOSYS ( Laboratories that are already connected to you can take advantage of the offers to dental laboratories.

Catch the right moment to make a positive change for your business, and we will make sure it is easy and intuitive for you and your partners!