One year back and the future beyond

The Teacs team wishes you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! May the year be filled with success, health and white smiles!

In 2021 we have improved the software AMOSYS with new features and we were here for you with many different articles, webinars, participated in several exhibitions and asked you for your feedback to make AMOSYS even more useful for your practices in the coming 2022. We have gathered the brightest moments of this year in one place, as for it to be a boost to the new challenges in the New Year.

AMOSYS is the first Bulgarian software for managing dental orders. Its main objectives are to improve the organization of work in the laboratory, to enable dental technicians to contact the dentists they work with, to store and track their orders in a secure place in the cloud and to keep inaccuracies in the transmission of information about orders between the two sides to a minimum.

In order for you to be as informed as possible and the software to meet your needs, we introduced you how the idea for AMOSYS came about, we asked our colleagues in dentistry and our Bulgarian students and future experts in the field for their opinion and recommendations. We shared with you information about medical regulations, future trends in dentistry and we were here for you and your questions. Thanks to our successive webinars and our participation in exhibitions, we were able to present you the latest functionalities of the AMOSYS dental order management software and take your feedback into account.

Last year we upgraded AMOSYS with the following features:

  • The connection of dental laboratories and dental practices in the software can now be done with just a few clicks
  • Laboratories can create”Passive Practices” if they do not have connected dental practices with them, so that the entry of orders can be done locally in the laboratory
  • Passive Practices can become active at the moment when the respective Dental practice creates a profile in the system
  • The entering of prices and discounts for the offered dental products is easy and intuitive
  • Transmission of photos, videos, STL, etc. files to each order has become simpler than ever

We continue to develop the AMOSYS software to make it even more useful in managing workflows in laboratories and to help to convey dental procurement information from dental practices. In 2022 there will be new functionalities that will make the management of tasks in the laboratory more efficient, as well as additional functionalities for dentists and dental technicians to make the accuracy of information transfer even more precise – the questions for clarification will be reduced, the tasks can be planned in the software itself, and tracking orders will be even easier for both the dental laboratory and dental practice.

Next year we will be once again open for your feedback, because for us the most important thing is that the software is useful and supports the work process in the dental laboratory and dental practice. You can always write to us at  or leave comments on the AMOSYS Facebook and LinkedIn pages, because your feedback shows us what we need to improve.