The software for dental technicians and dentists AMOSYS, through the eyes of the dental technician Ivaylo Dochev

Ivaylo Dochev- Dental Technician

TEACS‘s team is constantly trying to develop the AMOSYS software, and the opinion of its users is the starting point. We asked one of our first registered dental technicians – Ivaylo Dochev, about his review regarding the AMOSYS dental lab software.

Hello, Mr. Dochev! How does AMOSYS affect the exchange of dental orders?

For our lab, the software turned out to be a very positive innovation. Excellent communication is obtained which is a facilitation for our work.

To what extent is the visibility of order information improved?

-The information we receive about the orders is detailed. We can easily catch up thanks to the fact that we see photos, deadlines and overall the information is much more detailed than before.

Which AMOSYS features do you like the most, which do you find most useful in your practice?

-Functions for attaching photos, setting exact deadlines and clarifications for colors and materials.

What is your overall impression when using the software?

-My overall impression is positive. I am happy with the software because it makes my job easier and it helps the workflow of the lab and the dental laboratory management.

Would you recommend it to your fellow dental technicians?

-Yes, I recommend it to both dental technicians and dentists.