The Teacs Ltd. Team met with dentists and dental technicians during the course of Dr. Ignazio Loi

Last Friday and Saturday, December 10, 2021 and December 11, 2021, Teacs took part in the exhibition during the lecture and the course “Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique” by Dr. Ignazio Loi at the Grand Hotel Millennium, Sofia.

Various topics were presented during the course, some of which were: “Vertical preparation and zircon ceramics”, “Controlled entry into the sulcus”, “New enamel-cement boundary” and “Maintenance of free gingiva through permanent structures”.

Teacs had the opportunity to present live the dental software AMOSYS with a short demo of it and the possibility for product discussion. Our team wants to thank the organizers for the event and the opportunity to participate in the exhibition with a stand.

We have planned webinars in January for those who did not attend the event, but would like to learn more about AMOSYS,

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For dental technicians, January 23, 2021:

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