Easily manage your dental orders

Accept, manage and track the execution of the orders.
Interactive tooth map, library with photos and videos for each order.

File sharing from intraoral and laboratory scanners.
History, chat and an interactive environment that facilitates communication between the dentist and the dental technician.

AMOSYS helps on the development of your business

SubTechnology is changing the industry. AMOSYS is designed to give you a significant competitive advantage by helping you digitize workflows.


The filters give quick access to the orders of your dental laboratory. Through them you can easily, quickly and intuitively choose the criteria by which to see your orders. When the information is filtered, you will see only the orders that meet the set criteria, all others that do not meet the criteria will be hidden.


Tracking important statistics is easy to do through your profile page. Local administrators in dental laboratories receive information about how many practices they are connected to, how many orders they have and what their revenue is. On the other hand, dentists receive information on expenses, the number of orders and the number of connected dental laboratories.Through this field you can easily find out what the progress of your work is.

Tooth map

The tooth map is a convenient tool that visualizes the place where the dental appliances should be placed. When creating or receiving an order in AMOSYS, thanks to the tooth map, you get clarity and easy understanding of the position of the dental appliances.

Two levels of access in order to protect your data

To ensure the protection of confidential information, AMOSYS offers two levels of access for dental laboratories.
The local administrator account gets access to all data and functions in AMOSYS.
The user account receives limited access to the orders‘ data and to some functionalities.

Be closer to the clients you work with

Thanks to the user module, your dental clients can create orders for you. They can monitor each stage of the order and add photos, notes and comments.

Passive practice

“Passive practice” allows you to enter the data from the orders by yourself, if your customers do not use the software.

Add passive dental practices directly through your account and manage your orders independently.

Independence and connection between practices and laboratories

AMOSYS allows sending invitations to connect with practices that already use the software.
Additional functionality allows sending invitations for registration to dental practices that still do not work with the software.

High level of business communication and connectivity

AMOSYS provides communication between dentists and dental technicians so they can clarify order details in real time by adding comments to them. The “History” feature, allows you to track changes to your order in full detail. You can see when and who made the change to the date and time.

Pricing and plans

No initial investment and no need for permanent contracts. You can pay with convenient monthly installments or an annual subscription. If you need more space, you can increase your space plan, with prices starting from £10 / month for 20 GB of space.



per dental technician profile

Invite unlimited number of dentists
Add photos, videos and STL files
Export data and reports
Chat between dentists and dental technicians
10GB cloud storage
Free updates
Online training

annual subscription


per dental technician profile

Get 12 months for the price of 11
Invite unlimited number of dentists
Add photos, videos and STL files
Export data and reports
Chat between dentists and dental technicians
10GB cloud storage
Free updates
Online training


About us

We started a cloud-based product, and the ultimate goal of AMOSYS is to support dental technicians:

  • in their daily work to automate work processes;
  • in communication with dentists and monitoring the production of orders;
  • with administration of the work of the dental laboratories;
  • with business analysis of the work of the dental laboratories.

Thus appeared the first stage of the cloud-based AMOSYS– order management module. One of its main goals is to support the management of orders for the manufacture of medical devices in dental laboratories. AMOSYS strives to create effective communication between dental laboratories and dental practices through separate profiles for each side, and through its functions for adding notes, comments, uploading photos and much more. The system provides easy  tracking of payments and deadlines for order execution.

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